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In the early 1980s, Irwin Hobden organized a group of South Okanagan Scouts to make a contribution toward habitat improvement and species restoration for the Burrowing Owl Project in the South Okanagan. The Project was coordinated by the B.C. Ministry of Environment, based on Skaha Lake Road in Penticton.

Groups active

1st Summerland Group, 1st Summerland Beavers, Mrs. Clinton Jones Leader
1st Summerland Cubs, Clinton Jones Cubmaster
1st Summerland Scouts, Thomas Maye Scoutmaster
Group Chair Mrs. Helen Leboe
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion
Scout Tim Leardo achieved Chief Scout Award

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Beavers, Leaders Linda Mitchell, Dave Raymond,  Janice Campbell
1st Penticton Cubs, William Binfet Akela, Shirley Mollerup ACM (Raksha), Maurice Guillemette ACM (Bagheera), Ted Murray ACM (Baloo), Greg Hendrickson ACM
1st Penticton Scouts, Dave Mitchell Scoutmaster, Gerry Karr ASM, Rick Kinsey ASM, Glen McDougall ASM, Russ Domer ASM
1st Penticton Venturers, Rick Kinsey Advisor
Group Chair Jaquie Bunse

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Beavers, Leaders Lynette Howes, Jerry Moreau, Randy Klohn, Dennis Bryce, Bill Brown, Don Reid
3rd Penticton Cubs, Gord Gillis Akela, Fred Willis ACM, Wally Gaal ACM, Jerry Lawrence ACM, Jim Steward ACM, Larry Smith ACM
3rd Penticton Scouts, Ken Roberts Scoutmaster, Don Anderson ASM, Fred Martinson ASM, Brian Blake ASM
Group Chair Janet Webb

4th Penticton Group
4th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Rick Milford, George Neil, John Hines
4th Penticton Cubs, Al Johnson Akela, Leon MacAulay ACM, Bob McKenzie ACM
Group Chair Vern Neil

5th Penticton Group
5th Penticton Rovers, George Layer Leader
Group Chair Jim MacKay

7th Penticton Group
7th Penticton Cubs, Barry Ronald Akela, Richard Hansen ACM
7th Penticton Scouts, Raye Cutler Scoutmaster
Group Chair Douglas Anderson
Sponsored by Church of Latter Day Saints

8th Penticton Group
8th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Jim Pennington, Harry La Course, Sue Graham
8th Penticton Cubs, Bob Garrett Akela, Het Tinning ACM, Trudy Hanratty ACM
Group Chair Sally Koponyas

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Cubs, Walter Hintz Akela, Verlyn Heagle ACM, Holly Hintz ACM
9th Penticton Scouts, Lloyd Higgs Scoutmaster, Sandy Ross ASM, Lyle Vincent ASM, Frank Faulkner ASM
9th Penticton Venturers, Advisor Ted Clarke
Group Chair Pat Hansen

1st Naramata Group
1st Naramata Beavers, Leaders Jim Wigglesworth, Gail Alcock, Perry Moscarda, Tim Scorer
1st Naramata Cubs, Al Gilmore Akela, Pat Fitzpatrick ACM
Group Chair Tim Forte

1st Keremeos Group
1st Keremeos Beavers, Leaders Joanne Eaton, Greg Eaton, Norm Hanchuk, Darryl Hughes, Helen Hoker
1st Keremeos Cubs, Rhona Schwager Akela, Miles Stewart ACM
1st Keremeos Scouts, Jan Hanna Scoutmaster
Group Chair Brian Mennell

1st Princeton Group
1st Princeton Beavers, Leaders Ralph Tomlin, Lyn Smith, Jim Oakes, Terry Nichol
1st Princeton Cubs, Gerald Cooper Akela, Doug Harvery ACM, Dave Cosby ACM, Ernest Lawrence ACM, Steve Bennett ACM
1st Princeton Scouts, Esko Solin Scoutmaster
Group Chair Coleman Graf

1st Okanagan Falls Group
1st Okanagan Falls Beavers, Leaders Patricia Overton, Elaine Steeves
1st Okanagan Falls Cubs, Laurie Meage Akela, Barb Meage ACM, Vivian Cobb Acm
1st Okanagan Falls Scouts, Lloyd Niddery Scoutmaster
Group Chair Glen Overton

1st Oliver Group
1st Oliver Beavers, Leaders Don Hargrave, Esther Baptiste
1st Oliver Cubs, Dave Pallay Akela, Pat Somerville ACM, Ken Turner ACM, Shirley Roberts ACM
Group Chair Glenn Davies

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Beavers, Leaders Linda McWhinnie, Linda Sheehan, Rhonda Mielke, Gail Nelms
1st Osoyoos Cubs, John Russo Akela, Rick Hendriks ACM, Chris Steifns ACM, Alan Zandvliet ACM
1st Osoyoos Scouts, Bill Rusch Scoutmaster, John Miller ASM, Dwayne Matthews ASM, Daylan Jalovec ASM
Group Chair Barry Shiels

Dr. Donald V Fisher awarded Silver Acorn (40 years service in Summerland, District and Region)
Irwin S. Hobden awarded Silver Acorn.

District President Glen Davies
District Commissioner Jack Sworder
ADC Scouts Dave Mitchell, Bob Osbourne
ADC Cubs Dave Pinchbeck
ADC Beavers Janice Barclay, Emmie Lakatos
ADC Training Hugh Markides, Terry Wells
Regional President Bryan St George
Regional Commissioner Irwin Hobden
Interior Region Office John Pettifer

In July, 1983, the B.C./Yukon Division held its Jamboree of the Pacific at Camp Bernard near Sooke. Attending from 1st Penticton were Scoutmaster Graham Carr, with Scouts David Koszan, Troy Watts, Jamey Campbell, Charles Goodwin, Steven Karr, Troy Manuel and Gene Domer.

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