SOKThis webpage is currently being maintained by Gerry Lamb, Interim Chair of a loosely organized group of former Scouters who are attempting to build the archives of Scouting in the South Okanagan District of British Columbia (a proud 100 year heritage in Penticton, Naramata, Summerland, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Keremeos, Cawston, Princeton, Hedley, and Osoyoos). Any little nuggets of information are welcome. So much of our history has already vanished. Consequently, the things we need are buried in YOUR mind and in the memorabilia of your loved ones, the former Scouters (youth and adults) of the South Okanagan. We first need a timeline through the years…..numbers of Groups each year (did they have Cubs, Scouts, etc), number of individuals involved (adults/youth). After the timeline is filled, the details will naturally follow (Leaders, District Commissioners, awards, special events). Then comes the good stuff…the stories and pictures. And the stories about the special people who dedicated so many years of their lives as volunteers to the Scouting program. 

This website is not the final product. It is merely a convenient place to display data as I acquire it, a place which can be easily accessed by people who might be able to add to the database. The e-mail address displayed is my own, and people can communicate with me through that.

For those of you who are on Facebook, we have a presence there also. Do a search in the Groups section of Facebook. We are known as DYB DYB South Okanagan Historical Group. Join the discussion.

Please Note: This website is not intended to be an archive. The real archive is at your local museum. You can use this website for information, but those important documents and memorabilia deserve to be placed in your museum to be shared with future generations. Pictures displayed here are for visual interest only, and many are the property of various owners. The majority of them reside in the collections of the museums of the South Okanagan. I am grateful to the museums and various owners for the privilege of being able to display them here.
A huge Thank You to Irwin Hobden, Art Fletcher, Randy Manuel, Rick Hall, Wendy Rice, Bill Holowatiuk, Randy Frank, Stu Christensen, Diane Hrstic, Brian Schmidt, Thomas Hardy, Will Schulz, Jacinda Pownall, Cameron Clark, Jessi Rasmussen, Bonnie Brown Billups, Bonnie (Bordas?), John Spencer, Lionel Doherty, James Miller and Allen Hunter….so far. I am also borrowing heavily from some archives of the Okanagan Historical Society, courtesy of the Library at UBC Okanagan. 
And now a huge “Thank You” to the staff of the Penticton Museum and Archives, Summerland Museum and Archives, Osoyoos and District Museum and Archives, and the Oliver and District Heritage Society Museum and Archives. 

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