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Groups active? Numbers?

1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Beavers, Emmy Lakatos Leader
1st Summerland Cubs, George Sutton Cubmaster
1st Summerland Scouts, Thomas Maye Scoutmaster
1st Summerland Venturers, J. Kane Advisor
Group Chair Mrs. Helen Leboe
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion
Scouts Sergio Falzi, Peter Wiens and Andrew de Boer achieved Chief Scout Award. And Tim Leardo?
Scouts Brian Strachan, Travis Korecki, Peter Wiens, Bill Boerboom and Andrew de Boer attended Canadian Jamboree in Kananaskis Park, Alberta
1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Scouts, Otto Strobel ASM
Scouts Ritchie Hobden and Richard Thomas achieved Chief Scout status
2nd Penticton Group not functioning
3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Beavers
3rd Penticton Cubs, Al Dawkins Akela, Wally Gaal Leader
3rd Penticton Scouts
Group Chair Jan Webb

4th Penticton Group
4th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Al Johnson Akela), Sandy Johnson (Raksha), Barry McKay (Baloo), Rob Maloney (Kaa), Gerry McRobb
4th Penticton Scouts, Leader Ted Clark
9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Beavers, Walter Hintz Leader
10th Penticton Group not functioning
1st West Bench Group
1st West Bench Cubs
1st Okanagan Falls Group
1st Okanagan Falls Scouts
Scouts Raymond Goss, Glen Hall and Barry Rasmussen achieved Chief Scout status

Mrs Julie Gaal awarded Medal for Meritorious Conduct. Purpose of award? Groups involved?
C. George Layer and Carleton McNaughton received long service pins (45 years).
Don Fisher received long service pin (40 years)
Murphy Shewchuk received long service pin (25 years).
Al Dawkins and Bob Osbourne received long service pins (20 years).
Dan Roberts and Jack Sworder received long service pins (15 years).
5-year service pins were awarded to Gloria Ellington (Oliver), James Kane (Summerland), Julie Gaal (Penticton), Gordon Gillis (Penticton), Michael Meheriuk (Summerland).

District Commissioner Jack Sworder
ADC Cubs Al Dawkins, Dave Pinchbech
ADC Training Terry Wells
ADC Scouts Dave Mitchell, Bob Osbourne
ADC Venturers Jim Kane
ADC Beavers Janice Barclay

The 5th Canadian Jamboree (CJ81), July 1 to 10th, 1981

The largest ever gathering of Canadian Scouts was at the 1981 Canadian Jamboree at Kananaskis, Alberta where about 20,000 Scouts attended.The entire scene, all 750 acres of it at the foot of the Rocky Mountains outside Banff, Alta., was the home until July 10 of Canadian Jamboree ’81. It was a 10-day gathering of more than 20,000 boy scouts and 1,800 volunteer leaders from across Canada and as far away as Australia.

Scouts Brian Strachan, Travis Korecki, Peter Wiens, Bill Boerboom and Andrew de Boer from Summerland were in attendance, along with Scout Ritchie Hobden from Penticton.



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