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Groups active? Numbers?

1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Beavers, Mrs. Clinton Jones Leader, Mary Wilson, Pauline Cheveldaye, Debbie Ostapovitch, Betty Yargeau
1st Summerland Cubs, Clinton Jones Cubmaster, Jane Gustafson
1st Summerland Scouts, Terry Sabourin Scoutmaster, Tom Maye ASM, H. Elliot ASM
1st Summerland Venturers, Sgt M. McCague Advisor
Group Chair Mrs. Helen Leboe or Jane Gustafson
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion
Scouts David Gustafson, Gordon McCague, Craig Bidwell, Mark Meheriuk and Mike Lakatos attended B.C. Yukon Jamboree in Sooke, B.C.

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Beavers, Leaders Bill Peregoodoff, Michael MacDonald, Linda Mitchell, Donald Wood
1st Penticton Cubs, Ted Murray Akela (succeeded Bill Binfet mid season), Greg Hendrickson, Dana Simpson, Murray McGinn
1st Penticton Scouts, Dave Mitchell Scoutmaster, Glen McDougall ASM, Gerry Karr ASM, Russ Domer ASM
1st Penticton Venturers, Advisors Errick Kinsey, Erwin Ploner
Group Chair Debbie Clements
Scouts Ryan McDougall, Chris Ploner, Mike Snideman, Jonathon Mollerup and Scott Higgs attend 15th World Scout Jamboree in Kannaskis Country, Alberta. Also attending were Leaders Ted Clark, Duncan Ross and Jim Smith

2nd Penticton Group
2nd Penticton Cubs?

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Beavers, Leaders Edward Botbijl, Christine Bot bijl, James Stone
3rd Penticton Cubs, Fred Wills Akela, Jim Stewart ACM, Wally Gaal ACM, Gerald Skinner ACM
3rd Penticton Scouts, Barry Howe Scoutmaster, Gordon Strang ASM, Ken Roberts ASM
Group Chair Janet Webb

4th Penticton Group
4th Penticton Cubs, Al Johnson Akela, Bob McKenzie ACM, George Neil ACM, Barry Leigh ACM
Group Chair Vern Neil

7th Penticton Group
7th Penticton Cubs, Barry Ronald Akela, Robert Adamson ACM, Harold Rivers ACM
7th Penticton Scouts, Raye Cutler Scoutmaster
7th Penticton Venturers, Advisors David Northcott, Doug Anderson
Group Chair Doug Anderson
Sponsored by Church of Latter Day Saints

8th Penticton Group
8th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Jim Pennington, Sue Graham, Wayne Mann
8th Penticton Cubs, Ret Tinning Akela, Trudy Hanratty ACM, Russell Ritchie ACM, Philip Hoesli ACM
Group Chair Bob Garrett

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Cubs, Walter Hintz Akela, John Milford ACM
9th Penticton Scouts, Dave Morgenstern Scoutmaster, L.A. Higgs ASM, Robert Ross ASM, James Vincent ASM
9th Penticton Venturers, Advisor Ted Clark
Group Chair Brian Wilson

1st Naramata Group
1st Naramata Beavers, Leaders James Wigglesworth, Shane Smethurst, Charlene Smethurst
1st Naramata Cubs, Allan Gilmore Akela, Bryan Airey ACM
Group Chair Tim Forty

1st Okanagan Falls Group
1st Okanagan Falls Cubs, Vivian Cobb Akela, Laurie Meade ACM, Darryl Peterson ACM
1st Okanagan Falls Scouts, Lloyd Niddery Scoutmaster, Glen Hall ASM, Tom McDougall ASM, Darrl Peterson ASM
Group Chair Dorothy Donesley

1st Keremeos Group
1st Keremeos Beavers, Leaders, Helen Haker, Kathy Bealle, Maxine Cornell, Ramona Kruger, Frank Haker1st Keremeos Cubs, Fred Nelson Akela, Miles Stewart ACM, Jack U’Ren ACM, Murphy Shewchuk ACM
1st Keremeos Scouts, Jan Hanna Scoutmaster, Dave Wilkinson ASM
Group Chair Brian Mennell

1st Oliver Group
1st Oliver Beavers, Leaders Don Hargrave, Esther Baptiste, Wayne Radies
1st Oliver Cubs, Hartmut Buckendahl Akela, Robert Johnson ACM, Bill Ford ACM, Skip Davies ACM
Group Chair Glen Davies

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Beavers, Leaders Linda Sheehan, Rhonda Mielke, Gail Nelms
1st Osoyoos Cubs, Rick Hendriks Akela, Chris Stevens ACM, Bob Calder ACM, M Manderson ACM
1st Osoyoos Scouts, William Rusch Scoutmaster
1st Osoyoos Venturers, Ian Cox Advisor
Group Chair Barry Shiels

1st Princeton Group
1st Princeton Beavers, Leaders Ralph Tomlin, Lyn Smith, Bob Westran, Kathy Dux
1st Princeton Cubs, Gerry Cooper Akela, Mike Garner ACM, Danny Munro ACM, Ernie Lawrence ACM
1st Princeton Scouts, Esko Solin Scoutmaster, Bill Basso ASM, Jari Solin ASM
Group Chair John Schneider

District President Marcia Dean
District Commissioner Jack Sworder
ADC Beavers Janice Barclay, Emy Lakatos
ADC Cubs Dave Pinchbeck
ADC Scouts Bob Osbourne, Dave Mitchell
ADC Venturers Erwin Ploner
Regional President Brian St George
Regional Commissioner Irwin Hobden
Field Executive Bill O’Doherty

The 15th World Scout Jamboree was held in 1983 and was hosted by Canada at Kananaskis, Alberta, an area of Provincial Park 4,000 feet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 80 miles west of Calgary, Alberta. The Spirit Lives On was the theme of the World Jamboree, with a total attendance of over 15,000 Scouts from nearly 100 countries.The name of the Jamboree refers to the idea that Scouting, and its spirit of international brotherhood, could overcome difficulties such as those which caused the cancellation of the 1979 Jamboree four years earlier.The wild feel of the camp was enhanced by regular visits from bears and moose, which would wander in and out of the area.

Attended by Penticton youth and Leaders: Ryan McDougall, Chris Ploner, Mike Snideman, Jonathon Mollerup, Scott Higgs, Ted Clark, Duncan Ross and Jim Smith.

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