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1st Summerland Group, 1st Summerland Cubs, Colin J, McKenzie Cubmaster  (30 Cubs)
1st Summerland Scouts, Don Fisher Scoutmaster
Group Chair R.J. Barkwill
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion
Scouts Frederick Trussell, Roger Ivan M. Blagborne, Neil Mason and Michael Lopatecki achieved Queen Scout status

2nd Summerland Group, 2nd Summerland Cubs, Hugh Ballantyne Akela
2nd Summerland Scouts
Sponsored by United Church

1st Trout Creek Group, 1st Trout Creek Cubs
1st Trout Creek Scouts

1st Penticton Group, 1st Penticton Scouts, Jack Stocks Scoutmaster
Scout Ron Dean attended World Jamboree in Greece (plus one other Scout?)
Scout Ron Dean achieved Queen’s Scout status

2nd Penticton Group, 2nd Penticton Cubs
2nd Penticton Scouts, Wes Wensley Scoutmaster
Sponsored by United Commercial Travellers

2 Penticton badge_1

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Cubs, Jack Sworder Leader
3rd Penticton Scouts
Sponsored by Anglican Church

6th Penticton Group
6th Penticton Cubs, Bill Bissett Akela
6th Penticton Scouts

8th Penticton Group, 8th Penticton Cubs
8th Penticton Scouts, Tony Day Scoutmaster
Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Cubs
9th Penticton Scouts, Jim Laidlaw Scoutmaster
Sponsored by United Church

1st Okanagan Falls Group1st Okanagan Falls Cubs
First Okanagan Falls Scouts, Robert Hall Scoutmaster
Group Committee Audrey Steeves
Group Chair Fred Scott

1st Oliver Group
1st Oliver Scouts, no Scoutmasters but several ASMs
Group Chair Cliff James
The Group changed from a parent-sponsored organization to one sponsored by Kiwanis

2nd Oliver Group
2nd Oliver Cubs, Melvin Shannon Akela, Darcy Ruck ACM, Joe Benko ACM
2nd Oliver Scouts, R Simmons Scoutmaster, Gary Cotnoir ASM (became Scoutmaster early in the season), ASM C James
Group Chair Ben Clarke, replaced by R E Fleming

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Cubs (2 Packs)
1st Osoyoos Scouts (2 Troops)
Group Chair Harry Jones (Acting)
Scout Howie Hebig avhieves Queen’s Scout status

James H. Mitchell awarded Silver Acorn
Regional Commissioner Jim Mitchell
District Commissioner Bob Winter (South OK)
District Commissioner Harold King (Kubau)
ADC Irwin Hobden

No District Chair (Ok Boundary) early in the season
Regional President E J Chambers

11th World Scout Jamboree, Marathon, Greece, 1963. 14,000 participants.

The Jamboree Camp had 11 sub-camps for the participating Scouts and 5 sub-camps for administrative and technical personnel, and covered a total area of about 5 square kilometres. The Camp Chief was Demetrios Alexatos.
The focus of the camp was the “Greek Village” which offered sights and sounds, food and entertainment from all over Greece. There was also a 20,000-seat amphitheatre, and refreshment stands and expositions all around camp.
There was an Olympic theme to the Jamboree, with the triathlon and other sporting events taking place. A major event was the “Labours of Hercules” – a series of tasks designed to test the strength, skill, and stamina of participants.
The largest group of attendees was the British contingent, with almost 1,200 Scouts (the largest UK Scout airlift ever).
The Chief Scout of Greece, HRH Crown Prince Constantine, attended every one of the event’s 11 days. At a special ceremony, the Chief Scout of the Commonwealth 11th Baronet Maclean of Duart (later 7th Baron Mclean of Duart and Morven) awarded the Crown Prince with the Silver Wolf – the highest award of The Scout Association of the United Kingdom.The World Chief Guide Olave Baden-Powell, wife of The Founder, spoke at the closing ceremony. Scout Ron Dean and one other from 1st Penticton attended.

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