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Groups active? Numbers?


1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Beavers, Leaders Eric Karlson, Jim Lothrop, Martin Hofmann, Marg Wilson
1st Summerland Cubs, Leaders Katherine Dux
1st Summerland Scouts, Leaders Bob Osborne
Group Chair Suzanne Cameron
Marg Wilson chosen Summerland Woman of the Year

2nd Summerland Group

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Beavers, Leader Brett Cornell, Barrie Coxe, Marlene Talman, Roberta Spara
1st Penticton Cubs, Leaders Rob Wakeling, Bill Wakeling, Wilfred Cushnie, Rob Leloup, Bill Billups, Andy Cummings, Wally Solski
1st Penticton Scouts, Leaders Dave Mitchell, Albert McKenzie, Wilfred Cushnie
Group Chair Paola Cushnie
Sponsored by Kiwanis Club

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Beavers, Leaders Sherry Ost, Vicki Fraleigh, Al Decker, Jack Service, Tom Townrow, Robert Witt, Maureen Fugeta, Juergen Ost
3rd Penticton Cubs, Leaders Al Dawkins, Joy Block, Jim Fraleigh, Jim Guthrie
3rd Penticton Scouts, Leaders David Green,  Laurie Decker
Group Chair Randy Manuel
Sponsored by St Saviours Anglican Church

7th Penticton Group
7th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Garry Mayer, Alfred Wiltse, David Shaw, Lisa Beebe
7th Penticton Scouts, Leaders Paul Oviatt, Raymond Cutler
7th Penticton Venturers, Advisor John Godby, Steve Wiltse, David McLaughlin
Group Chair Wally Holt

8th Penticton Group
8th Penticton Beavers, Leader Klaus Rybak, Carol Bishop, Dave Jones, Bernie McCallum
8th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Kevin Smith, Lester Service, Len Fox
Group Chair Dave Snyder

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Marianne Lummin, Terri Bohn, Delarie Bohn
9th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Ian McIntyre, Gil Blouin, Gil Marthaler
9th Penticton Scouts, Leaders Jim Stone,  Gordon Strang, Mindy Murray, John Sutherland, Morgan Biderman
Scout Terry Madden achieves Queen’s Scout award
Group Chair Sylvia Morrison
Sponsored by United Church

10th Penticton Group
10th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Phil Camiere, Rob Charlton, Kevin Teichroeb
10th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Mary Konaby, Dwight MacGillis
Group Chair Carl Fairweather

11th Penticton Group
11th Penticton Beavers, Leaders Sandy Jones, Carmen King
11th Penticton Cubs, Leaders Lyle King, Clint Jones
Group Chair Dorothy Wakelin
Sponsored by Salvation Army, Bill Mollard

1st West Bench Group
1st West Bench Beavers, Leaders Steve Rowe, Alan Peatte
Group Chair Angela Lewis

1st Naramata Group
1st Naramata Beavers, Leaders Ken Steer, Guy Wilson, Brenda Raber
1st Naramata Cubs, Leaders Barbara Wilson, Guy Wilson
1st Naramata Scouts, Leaders Arnie Erickson, Raymond Schmidt
Group Chair Ted Ritchie

1st Kaleden Group
1st Kaleden Beavers, Leader Don Ashe, Lisa McHaffie
1st Kaleden Cubs, Leaders Greg Masson, Garry Elliot, Helen Sather
Sponsored by Kaleden Recreation Association
Group Chair Greg Masson

1st Princeton Group
1st Princeton Beavers, Leaders Brian Bertrand, Shannon Foster, Tom Davis, Mark Sargeant, Sylvia Carrat
1st Princeton Cubs Leaders Allen Foster, Bill Aspinall, David Clarce, Eric Gregson, Greg Plunkett, Doug Reid
1st Princeton Scouts, Leader Gerald Froese, Gerry Abbott, Ken Hanna, Paul Zakora
Group Chair Bob Westran
Sponsor Princeton Lions Club

1st Similkameen Group
1st Similkameen Beavers, Leaders Wendy Hamelin, Nancy Allen
1st Similkameen Cubs, Leader Gary Agar, Ian Walters, Michael Hamelin, John Haker
1st Similkameen Scouts, Leader Rene Verschuren
Group Chair Bruce Harker
Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion

1st Okanagan Falls Group
1st Okanagan Falls Beavers, Alice Atkins Rainbow
1st Okanagan Falls Cubs, Leaders Doug Atkins, Howie Richardson
1st Okanagan Falls Scouts, Leaders Dave Pinchbeck, Mindy Murray, Darryl Peterson
Group Chair Jo Ann Nield

1st Oliver Group
1st Oliver Beavers, Leader Karen Thomas
1st Oliver Cubs, Leaders Rick O’Leary
Group Chair Theresa Somerville

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Beavers, Leaders Ron Flexhaug
1st Osoyoos Cubs, Leader Howie Hebig
1st Osoyoos Scouts, Leaders Chris Stevens
Group Chair Sue McKortoff

First Rover Crew

Bob Osbourne awarded Silver Acorn for 30 years of service to Scouting
Bonny May Billups awarded Certificate for Meritorious Conduct for saving a teenager from drowning during the Channel River raft race in 1987

District President Barry Wilson
DC Phil Williams
ADC Training Ian Cox
ADC Scouts Jim Stone, Gordon Strang
ADC Cubs Jack Sworder, Skip Davies
ADC Beavers Alice Atkins (replaced mid-year by Wendy Hamelin), Joy Block
RC Ross Hyatt
ARC Rovers Al Dawkins


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