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About 1970. Left to right: Irwin Hobden, H King, Don Fisher.

13 Groups in District. 453 youth members (269 Cubs, 151 Scouts, 33 Venturers), 73 Leaders

1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Cubs folded
1st Summerland Scouts, Don H. Wright Scoutmaster
1st Summerland Venturers, N. Abernethy Advisor
Group Chair Dr. D.R. McGregor
Group Committee Service awards: Bob Barkwill (15 years)
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion
Scouts Douglas Forster, Neil Andrews, Brett Chomat and Alan Fisher achieved Queen Scout status
Scouts Jeff Estabrooks, Lee McLachlan and Shaun Gibson attendedĀ  Scottish Jamboree in Kibblestone Scout Camp, Scotland

2nd Summerland Group
2nd Summerland Cubs, Hugh Ballantyne Akela, Bill Austin ACM, Mike Voynovich ACM
2nd Summerland Scouts
Group Chair Kay Morris
Sponsored by United Church

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Cubs, Elizabeth Cross Akela, Mr. Hintz Hathi, Mrs Ann Kenyon Bagheera, Mrs Cuming Baloo
1st Penticton Scouts, Jim Lamb Scoutmaster, Johnny Johnson steps down
1st Penticton Venturers, Jack Stocks Advisor (7 boys)
Group Chair Ross McLachlan
Group Committee Service awards: Stan McPherson (10 yers), Lorne Adams (10 years)

2nd Penticton Group
2nd Penticton Cubs, Claire Giampa Akela, Duncan Jamieson ACM
2nd Penticton Scouts, Ray Brickell Scoutmaster (awarded 10 year service pin), Bill Holowatiuk ASM
2nd Penticton Venturers, Jim Jones Assistant Advisor
Group Chair Hank Bartel
Sponsored by United Commercial Travellers

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Cubs, Bill Bissett Akela, Joyce Stapleton ACM (32 boys)
3rd Penticton Scouts, Jack Sworder Scoutmaster, Ben Playden ASMĀ  (18 boys)
3rd Penticton Venturers, Randy Manuel Advisor (11 boys)
Group Chair Ralph Robinson
Group Committee Service awards: George Cooper (5 years), Gordon Harris (5 years), Ralph Robinson (5 years)
Sponsored by St Saviour’s Anglican Church

4th Penticton Group
4th Penticton Scouts

5th Penticton Group
5th Penticton Cubs, Howard Hall Akela (awarded 5 year service pin), Jim McAfferty Baloo
5th Penticton Scouts, Stan Fulton Scoutmaster, Richard Martin ASM, Dave Trupp ASM (awarded 5 year service pin)
Group Chair Ron Deeter

6th Penticton Group
6th Penticton Cubs, Don Brown Akela, Dorothy Starkey ACM (awarded 5 year service pin) (36 boys)
Scouts: 6th Cubs move up to 9th Penticton for Scouts
6th Penticton Venturers, Harold Schellenberg Advisor
Group Chair Dennis Hall
Sponsored by United Church

8th Penticton Group
8th Penticton Cubs, Jack Deppisch Akela, Violet Oliver ACM, Doug Anderson ACM (awarded 5 year serice pin), Roberta Anderson ACM
8th Penticton Scouts
Group Chair Jack Deppisch
Group Committee Service awards: Vi Oliver (5 years), Jim McIntosh (5 years)
Phyl McIntosh awarded 5 year service pin
Sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 40

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Cubs, Don Brown Akela, John Hof ACM
9th Penticton Scouts, Ian Folkers Scoutmaster, Barry Mottershead ASM, Brad Houston ASM, Jim Henderson, Bill Newton
Group Chair Bill Sparks
Sponsored by United Church
9th Penticton established a cabin at Camp Boyle

1st West Bench Group
1st West Bench Cubs Alan Moore Akela (awarded 5 year service pin) (23 boys)
Group Chair Jack Thomson
Fred McNeil awarded 20 year service pin)
Sponsored by West Bench Recreation Commission

1st Naramata Group
1st Naramata Cubs, Jean Smith Akela (awarded 5 year service pin), Larry Day ACM, Brad Molyneux ACM
1st Naramata Scouts, Jake Van Westen Scoutmaster, Bob Hancock ASM, Jack Wilmshurst ASM
Group Chair Stu Berry

1st Cawston Group
1st Cawston Cubs (22 boys)
1st Cawston Scouts, Will Sanders Scoutmaster (11 boys)

1st Keremeos Group
1st Keremeos Cubs, Murphy Shewchuck Akela, Ray Marcy ACM
1st Keremeos Scouts

1st Hedley Group
1st Hedley Cubs, Mr. Angers Akela
Sponsored by Moose Lodge

1st Okanagan Falls Group
Group Committee Audrey Steeves

1st Oliver Group
Group Committee Shirley Roberts
Sponsored by Kiwanis

2nd Oliver Group
2nd Oliver Scouts, Danny Roberts Scoutmaster, Harold King ASM
Sponsored by United Church

3rd Oliver Group
Sponsored by Knights of Columbus

4th Oliver Group
4th Oliver Venturers

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Cubs, Joe Usher Akela, ACM Dick Haycroft
1st Osoyoos Scouts
Scout Danny Donohoe achieved Queen’s Scout status

District Commissioner Dave McDonald (South OK)
District Commissioner Harold King (Kubau)
District Council: Terry McDermott, Lyall Chambers, Donna Schellenberg, Harley Hatfield, Don Fisher
District Scouter Irwin Hobden, Gordon Blewett (awarded 30 year service pin)
ADC Cubs Rita Fawcett
ADC Scouts Jack Wilmshurst (awarded 20 year service pin)
ADC Venturers Victor Wilson (awarded 5 year service pin)
ADC Special Uniform Events Bob Winter
District President Gordon Harris
ARC Gwyn Russell
Regional President Bob Winter awarded 20 year service pin)
Group Committee service pin awards: Avery King (15 years), Dr. H.R. McLarty (25 years), Lyall Chambers (10 years)

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