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Groups active? Numbers?

1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Cubs, Mrs. D. Rolston Cubmaster, Mrs Bertram ACM, Theresa Rolston ACM
1st Summerland Scouts, Don Fisher Scoutmaster, A F Jacques ASM, Howard Wiens ASM, D Spalding ASM
Group Chair N. Abernethy
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion

2nd Summerland Group
2nd Summerland Cubs, Hugh Ballantyne Akela
2nd Summerland Scouts
Sponsored by United Church

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Scouts, Jack Stocks Scoutmaster

2nd Penticton Group
2nd Penticton Cubs
2nd Penticton Scouts/Venturers
Group sponsored by United Commercial Travellers?

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Cubs, Jack Sworder Akela
3rd Penticton Scouts
Sponsored by Anglican Church

9th Penticton Group
9th Penticton Cubs, Brad Houston Akela
9th Penticton Scouts, Jim Laidlaw Scoutmaster, Dave Mabell ASM, RW Felske ASM
Group Chair Fred Penny
Sponsored by United church

1st Okanagan Falls Group
First Okanagan Falls Scouts, Robert Hall Scoutmaster
Group Committee Audrey Steeves

2nd Oliver Group
2nd Oliver Scouts, Danny Roberts Scoutmaster

4th Oliver Group
4th Oliver Venturers, Mr. Peacock Advisor

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Cubs
1st Osoyoos Scouts
Group Chair Jim Shaw

District Commissioner Bob Winter (South OK)
District Commissioner Harold King (Kubau)
ADC Irwin Hobden
Regional Commissioner Don Weatherill

Harley Hatfield awarded Medal of Merit.
Dr. Donald V. Fisher awarded Medal of Merit.
Frank McDonald, Jack Vass and Bert Swift awarded Lifetime Memberships in Scouts Canada
Dave MacDonald (1st Penticton ASM) and Mary Lamb (District DCM) presented with 10-year Service awards
Don Gray, Bill Bissett, Cecil Holmes and Mrs Ted Millington awarded 10-year service pins
DC Bob Winter awarded 15-year service pin
Jack Stocks (1st Penticton Scoutmaster) awarded 25-year service pin
Cecil Holmes 3rd Penticton Cubmaster) awarded a 20-year service pin
Bob Barkwell and Bill Milne awarded  Long Service Medal for Group Ctte 1st Summerland

12th World Scout Jamboree – 1967
The 12th World Scout Jamboree was held July 31 to August 9, 1967, and was hosted by the United States at Farragut State Park in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. It was the second World Scout Jamboree to take place in North America. With its theme For Friendship, the 12th World Jamboree attracted 12,011 Scouts from 105 countries. The latter included Scouts from Somalia and 1,300 representatives from the United Kingdom, the largest Scouting contingent from outside North America. For the British Scouts, dressed in their new uniforms, it was a highlight to their Diamond Jubilee Year. Other countries represented included Canada, France, Indonesia, Jamaica, the Philippines, and Sweden.

Amongst the distinguished visitors were World Chief Guide Olave Baden-Powell, actor James Stewart and Vice President of the United States, Hubert H. Humphrey. Memorable features of the Jamboree included a reconstruction of Baden-Powell’s Brownsea Island campsite, arena shows, Skill-o-Rama, adventure trail, the specially stocked fishing area and boating and other water activities on Lake Pend Oreille, in addition to a visit to a rodeo and a repeat of the Friendship Wide Game introduced at the 11th World Scout Jamboree in 1963.

Scouters Jim Laidlaw and Robert Gougeon, with Scouts Robert McPherson (1st Penticton), Bill Wickett (1st Penticton), Fred Chernoff (3rd Penticton), Thomas Edwards (9th Penticton) and Larry McCrea (9th Penticton) attended the 12th World Jamboree.

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