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This year marked overtures made to expand St Saviour’s Church, Poplar Grove, Naramata Cubs (Major Grant), Summerland United Church Cubs, Kaleden, and the Presbyterian Church Group

1st Summerland Group
1st Summerland Cubs, Arthur Advocaat Cubmaster
1st Summerland Scouts, G.W. Blewett Scoutmaster, Don Fisher ASM, Bill Barkwell ASM
Group Chair S.W.J. Feltham
Sponsored by Branch 22, Royal Canadian Legion

2nd Summerland AOTS Group
Group Chair Gordon Beggs

1st Penticton Group
1st Penticton Cubs, Mrs Naish Akela
1st Penticton Scouts, Bert Tidball SM
Group Chair Mr Vass (“Penticton Association”)

2nd Penticton Group (“Presbyterian Scout Group”) established April, 1947.

3rd Penticton Group
3rd Penticton Cubs, Mrs Naish Akela
3rd Penticton Scouts, A E Tidball Scoutmaster?
Group President J Vass

1st Kaleden Group
Group Chair R.D. Mutch

1st Hedley Group
1st Hedley Cubs

1st Oliver Group
1st Oliver Cubs, Captain Harrison Akela
1st Oliver Scouts, Carleton McNaughton Scoutmaster

1st Osoyoos Group
1st Osoyoos Scouts

Autumn 1947, World Chief Scout for the Empire Rowalcan visited Penticton

District is now known as “The Okanagan South Boy Scouts Local Association”

District President R.W. Craig
District Commissioner Harley Hatfield
Mrs Naish awarded 20 year Service Badge
Francis Naish awarded 10 year Service Bar

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